de barcos y demonios

Esta nota lleva a la conclusion de que la famosa esfera de cristal que fue posesion de Salomon y que usan las pitonisas en las peliculas en realidad era una esfera celeste, clasificando las constelaciones en alguna notacion que se ha perdido, una vez se ha impuesto el estandar grecocretense. Otra cosa es si luego algunos usaban la esfera para entrar en trances hipnoticos o meditativos. Vete a saber, mirando bailar alguna luz, o recitando los catalogos. 

Note: readers not used to demonology books should note, in reading 
the following, that the usual catalog is to name the demon, then its 
range, then the areas or themes where it rules, then the names of 
subleaders with him, then the total number of forces of his army. 

I wonder how it ocurred to me that I have been driven to think on a 
relationship between stars and warrior groups of the celestial battle. 
I believe it is because time ago I read this report of a book: 

"To argue their point the authors turn first to the Catalogue of Ships 
in Book II. They state that they believe that each of the forty-five 
ships listed in the Catalogue corresponds to a constellation in the 
ancient Greek sky. Furthermore, each star within those constellations 
represents a warrior, to the extent that all 650 warriors listed in 
the Catalogue of Ships has a personal star within the constellation to 
which his ship corresponds." 

Florence and Kenneth Wood (as well as Florence’ mother) got a good 
idea between a lot of wild inconsistence, so their book has not been 
very sucessful. But yes, it could be that visible stars were used as a 
mnemonic device of story-tellers, to remembers the whole catalogue of 
ships. The list holds about 29 tribes with 44 named leaders holding 
about 1200 ships. The greeks acknowledge about 45 constelations, and 
the total of stars is slightly over one thousand, so numbers fit. 

The number of tribes rounds a calendrical one. Just as the 
Theurgia-Goetia lists 31 demons. Moreover, while Illiad it is not 
about stars, it is clear that a lot of the magick works (Check the 
esoterica archives),are about astrology/astronomy, even if degenerated 
into a continous listing of demons and predictions. But going back the 
catalogue of angels of Enoch I, it is clear we are speaking of 
calendars, seasons, and sky-watching (Enoch I seems to be written down 
in the first century BCE, but the science in the book is clearly more 
primitive... or more ancient, if you like). 

Lacking of any clue of influence between both lists, the one of 
homerical warriors and the ones of celestial warriors, we can at least 
claim that they show very close methodology. So, it could be said that 
the books of magic give additional evidence for the Woods (and they 
really need it). 

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