particulas masivas y estabilidad nuclear

particulas masivas y estabilidad nuclear While it is clear that spin-orbit coupling can be get for nuclear
forces by using a relativistic approach, practitioners known that the huge
spin orbit separations at big magic numbers do still need of an empirical
adjust. So I considered interesting to take a look to nuclei for magic
numbers 50, 82 and 126 by looking at the sub-shells that are responsible
of the magicity. These are, respectively, g9/2, h11/2 and i13/2.

I considered to evaluate the average weight of nuclei while they are
filling these sub-shells. As the filling happens for neutrons and protons,
this double process drives to consider rectangles. Of the possible nine
rectangles, only three touch the valley of stability, and they happen of
course near the doubly magic nuclei, ie:

A) Near P=50,N=50,
B) Near P=50,N=82, and
C) Near P=82,N=126.

Using the filing order for instance from Cottinghan/Greenwood, one sees that
the respective average number of nucleons in each rectangle
is 90, 115, and 181.

The corresponding masses show a intriguing pattern.

A) 90 amu is about 83,8 GeV, which is about a -4% of the mass of the W
or/and about a 8% of the mass of the Z0.
B) 115 amu is about 107 GeV, which is about a 6% of LEP Higgs Events.
C) 181 amu is about 167 GeV, which is about a 3% of the mass of the Top
(taken as 175 GeV. A new world average 178 is given in 2004).

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mas evidencias? -

En principio los modelos de masas que ignoran estas particulas podrian tener comportamientos de error peculiares para los valores de A correspondientes, digamos A=86,98,123,187.

En el articulo original se mencionan estos efectos para W,Z en el modelo de gota de Moller-Nix.

Ahora me fijo en que el modelo efectivo evaluado por Marco A. Huertas tambien parece tener una variacion brusca del error para A=123 y para A cerca de 187

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Por otro lado la coincidencia quizas sea un efecto matematico, dado que la escala [del vacio] electrodebil esta a 264 uma, que es mas o menos por el final de la grafica esta.

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